Si Si Blog - Some Hints

It is not recommended that you write an article or a comment directly into the space provided.
Rather compose your article or comment in your editor (Notepad, Wordpad, etc...) and then copy and paste it into Si Si Blog.
You could also upload text and HTML files. Bear in mind that a header is inserted.

This is a good practice and this way you can be assured of:

The display will be through your browser so HTML is the format used.

Free HTML Help and HTML editors are readily available in the web.

End of line (Line Feeds) will be replaced by breaks (<br>) automatically if breaks (<br>) are not embedded.

Uploading photographs and images is under consideration but for now you can only link to them.
E.G.: <img src="http://your image link">
To insert web links: <a href="http://the web link">...a description...</a>

Click the label on the top left corner of any screens to return to the previous page.