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Who gave Parallel Plesk permission to crash my server monthly?
by TheEtruscan at 15:18 October 12, 2014

GoDaddy is my domain names registrar and my host provider.

I am a good computer programmer but not a webmaster (yet) so the set-up GoDaddy gave me is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with IIS (Internet Information Services) 7.5 and Parallels Plesk Panel and Power Pack Pro.

The way I wrote my web applications a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), MySQL database and Apache Tomcat as a server are required. Parallels Plesk with Power Pack Pro provides those.

I decided to give a try at using the Tomcat in Parallels Plesk. When I ran my web applications (compiled with JDK 1.7.0_45) I got this message: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file. What transpired was that Parallel Plesk Tomcat is version 5.5.4 (almost 10 years old!). The latest Tomcat from Apache is version 8!

The Tomcat I deploy is version 7.0.42 (8 is still too recent). Also the latest Java from Oracle is Java SE 8u20. In Parallel Plesk the Java version is 1.5. Faced with having to redo all of my web applications with an older version of Java and the real possibility of incompatibilities creeping up and not knowing beforehand how all of this would work out, I decided to prevent Parallels Plesk Tomcat from running and stick instead with my Tomcat 7.0.42 and my deployed Java JRE 1.7.

The way I see it I have no need for Parallels Plesk, especially such a farraginous and confusing piece of software.

I can access my server remotely via the MSTSC command and I have written upload and download utilities within my web applications but as I am not an experienced webmaster I was letting Parallel Plesk do its own thing.

There was a daily update run which also sent an e-mail and it looked like Parallels Plesk needed to reset the license key every month and around the beginning of the month my server would also crash.

Tired of the useless daily updates and emails and of the unexplained server crashes I totally disabled Parallel Plesk in my server (via MSCONFIG tab Services).

My server has been running without crashes or interruptions now for over a month spanning from September into October seamlessly.

If you are wondering, my web sites are: This post was also sent via snail mail (the US Postal Service) to: because navigating Parallel Plesk's websites looking for support was like pulling teeth. It took me 30 minutes to even just find the corporate address. Why should I waste my time? I am sorry I even had to learn how to spell Parallel Plesk!