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A computer programmer's view of the Cosmos
by TheEtruscan at 23:25 February 18, 2014

I have followed most that I could find on cosmogony, cosmology and astronomy written for laymen (those individuals not savvy in higher mathematics).

Being a good computer programmer who is also an excellent debugger I have come up with some notions of my own or detected areas where things don't seem to add up (according to my understanding).

I could have combined all of my observations, reservations or questions here in one unifying article but that would have been confusing and just like the Grand Unified Theory a bit hard to handle coherently in a single place.

I have spread my notions then in three blurts (my articles are called blurts - bl(og)art(icle) - with the u sounding better than the a) herein linked:

But if something unifying comes along or there are compelling reasons, I will expand it here.