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The Old Testament, a rotten carcass
by TheEtruscan at 15:14 January 16, 2015

If I am a liberal, agnostic person I should be tolerant of everything. Why then do I care about what people believe in?

The answer should be clear to all that have a moral conscience and care about humanity (including the rest of the ecosphere).

Yes, people are free to believe what they want but aside from the enormously incredible tales of the Old Testament an indictment of and by itself there is the sticking points that a god should not throw stones down on people, cause conflicts among different populations or orchestrate ethnic cleansing. All reprehensible and abhorrent things. Everybody should stand up against that nonsense that is palmed off as a god revelation.

But the main reason is that on Earth there should not be any Chosen People period. We are all Chosen or not of us are.

The Old Testament narrative should be left for the sole consumption by those who wrote it. Nobody else should give credence to it. The cherry-picking off that rotten carcass should not be encouraged or endured.

As for freedon of religion, there are so many creeds out there that are more credible and less toxic or virulent although I personally would suggest to embrace Humanism or a belief that takes into account everything that is to be found on Earth as deserving respect.

Is this too much to ask or desire?

Now go in peace and ruminate on your own but please come back with your comments.

Comment by TheEtruscan at 09:56 January 17, 2015