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The Old Testament in 10 words or less.
by TheEtruscan at 15:26 December 9, 2014

The Old Testament is all about land and wealth grabbing and authoritarian rule.

I have been writing about religion or better finding faults with the Old Testament as the basis for any religion for a long time.

Although I am not a biblical scholar or pretend to know the Old Testament in its minute details, I have acquired a certain familiarity with it. Nibbling here and there in reverse order to the cherry-picking done by the Bible enthusiasts I got an insight that thousands of years and thousands of hours spent on that alleged sacred text have failed to divulge.

Such a clever scheme. Masquerading a recipe for mass manipulation and deception under the guise of god-given words.

It worked so well for centuries and centuries and it will continue to work as long as people do not question its core message.

No more!

How does it work? What is clear is that those cunning people want to announce their arrival on the scene by portraying themselves heroic in order to overcome their perpetual small fry status and small numbers.

Do this by using a newly proclaimed god, YHWH, to go head-to-head with the long-established Amun-Ra and by taking a swipe at the top-dog of the day, the Egyptians. To get a footing, this YHWH god has to be meaner than a junk yard dog. An immanent and interventionist god who aspires at being supreme and doesn't tolerate any dissent resorting at throwing stones from high above left and right and seeing enemies everywhere. So peevish.

It is all so transparent...

The Old Testament as it stands would never have made it in the West as the long-on-the-shelf Septuagint can attest. Enter a savvy marketeer by the name of Saul/Paul who could traipse between East and West to pour a heavy dose of Greek Humanism unto the Chosen people's narrative and you have what it is today the Bible!

Oh, what a farce!