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Introducing Embrace Humanism
by TheEtruscan at 15:09 December 5, 2014

This forum has many of my blurts on the subject of religion as I have been writing about religion or better finding faults with the Old Testament as the basis for any religion for a long time.

Yet I felt that this was not enough. I needed a web site solely devoted to spreading the word and focusing on Humanism.

I don't plan to be a Richard Dawkins or the late Christopher Hitchens. I don't want to do away with organized religions just reform what their holy scriptures are. Although a freedom from religion would be a good thing I am realistic enough to accept just a change in what is believed. I am not affiliated with the American Humanist Association, the American Agnostics or the American Atheists organizations. Actually Embrace Humanism should become the umbrella vehicle to encompass all of those organizations and attract as well humanists, agnostics, naturalists, secularists, nonbelievers, pacifists, women rights activists, believers in science, environmentalists, freethinkers, iconoclasts, and progressive people.

Going head-to-head with entrenched rigid belief systems would get no traction but pointing out the nonsense and falsehoods in such creeds, pull the rug from under their feet so to speak, may succeed. Hopefully this would yield a less dogmatic, more pleasant, and more peaceful world.

What have I done so far? Obviously I cannot do this by myself. I don't have a megaphone big enough to attract the attention required.
I need help in getting the message out and making people aware how the current situation really stinks and how it is in dire need of an overhaul.

Please visit Embrace Humanism and leave your comments, suggestions and criticism here.

At this point, the usual closing by believers would be the overused: Thank you and God Bless. Not me. I just wish you would stop and reflect on what is real and what is just alleged to be so.