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A take on Faith
by TheEtruscan at 21:19 March 12, 2014

Living in the USA of today, should I have an absolute and unquestionable belief in YHWH the God of the Hebrew Bible?

So much for the faith and tradition of our Forefathers. A faith that started around 100 CE for Westerners. Legitimacy came around 313 CE with Constantine’s Edict of Milan. Broke up into Roman Catholic and Protestant main sects with the advent of the printing press (1400’s) and is almost ignored in Europe now. Leaving the US as the true believers on par with the fanatical Muslims.

72% of Americans believe in creation and in 1905 it is said only 5 people understood relativity. What does that tell you about the quality and knowledge of the masses?

Why believe in a vain and false god? To wit: These are the ramblings of a vengeful, spiteful, self-conceited and not too bright god who has to compete for love, devotion and attention with other more established gods.

Besides, believing in this YHWH false god elevates an oriental and miniscule tribe, the Israelites, above others more successful tribes less prone to flights of fancy!

Sheer nonsense but a nice try. Moreover this god is clearly misogynistic:

Why did the angel Gabriel visit Miriam (=Mary) to announce her immaculate conception and not God himself? After all God had already revealed himself to that desert wanderer Moses in the form of a confabulating burning bush besides Noah and Abraham. YHWH got quite chatty with Jacob almost to the point of becoming a nuisance (Genesis 32:1-35:9). Are we to think that Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, the incarnate godhead, is less worthy of God's attention than Moses a mere rabble-rouser?

Just think how much more advanced we would be if instead of all that wasted time and energy studying the Bible, believers applied themselves to science and mathematics! Go to sleep thinking on how to vitrify a metal (aluminum?) not a divine revelation that wasn't.

The sane and proper thing to do with all the Hebrew Bibles is to recycle them into toilet paper thereby saving many trees for a greener environment.

In my humble opinion only weak and unimaginative minds can believe the crap of the Hebrew Bible. Goodness is inside all of us not found in stinking lies about self-serving divine revelations and even non-believers have ethics. Probably more so because not coerced by fear of a supposedly eternal punishment.

Only the truth shall make us free.

I do not vilipend or vituperate "faith" or people of faith. On the contrary, I admire them. What I mind is where this faith is placed.

Embrace Humanism instead.