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Nilde Iotti and Indro Montanelli
by TheEtruscan at 17:35 December 5, 1999

Nilde Iotti died on December 4th, 1999. She was an old Italian Communist, a member of the Italian parliament since 1946. She had been a lover/mistress of Italian Communist Party big boss Palmiro Togliatti (whose brother was a priest and he was named Palmiro because he was born on Palm Sunday).

This Togliatti had a city named after him in Russia and lived in exile during the Fascist era as a guest of his buddy, Josef Stalin (surviving all the purges).

This true story is that during one of those crucial elections in Italy just after World War II when the Communists might have taken over and the CIA was bankrolling (and corrupting) the Christian Democrats this Nilde Iotti went for an interview with journalist/columnist/historian Indro Montanelli in his lair at the newspaper "Il Giornale".

Mr. Indro Montanelli could have been a neo fascist/monarchist but he was (and always had been) a staunch anti-Communist.

After Ms. Iotti was escorted in Mr. Montanelli's office, in sitting down she noticed a little bust of Stalin on his desk. The surprised Ms. Iotti said: "I didn't know ". To which the quick-witted Mr. Montanelli replied: "Yes, I am an admirer of Comrade Stalin because no one else in this world has killed as many communists as he did".