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Mainland China and Taiwan
by TheEtruscan at 17:27 October 26, 1971

Mainland China and Taiwan, their spat is always a sore spot and constantly in the news.

The People's Republic of China (PRC) on October 25, 1971 succeeded Taiwan (ROC) to China's seat in the United Nations and membership of the United Nations Security Council.

I listen to all these pundits and politicos and my eyes roll.

Would a suitable compromise not be better if found?

Such a deed is possible if a Solomonic approach is applied.

Taiwan is 44,000 square miles with about 23 million people.

Why not have the Taiwanese obtain an equivalent chunk of land (and less is possibly necessary if the mountainous areas are excluded) say in one of the Philippines less populated islands or in Papua New Guinea and relocate whoever wants to and the entire infrastructure of Taiwan to there?

What do you think the Mainland Chinese would say or do?

Would not the mere mention of such a plan diffuse the sovereignty issue?