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Nonsense #1
by TheEtruscan at 12:19 January 18, 2000

Maybe you can come up with your own celestial delights. How about provide nicknames for the planets (or the entire universe)?

Mercury - First but not best
Venus - Acid hell
Earth - Blue wonder | The little planet that could
Mars - Red is me
Jupiter - Big fat slob
Saturn - Rings around the collar
Uranus - Moons r us
Neptune - Frozen world
Pluto - Outfielder | Runt of the litter

Mercury - Hottie
Venus - Liquid lead
Earth - Brave new world
Mars - Rusty
Jupiter - Big bad Leroy Brown
Saturn - Ringo
Uranus - In the mood for Moons
Neptune - It's a cold cold world
Pluto - Glad to be found

If you are not in the mood for celestial delights, how about movies sequels (prequels or whatever)?

Shakespeare in Love - Hemingway out of booze
Maltese Falcon - Peking Duck
Casablanca - Peoria, Ill.
Gone with the wind - Waving good-bye | Tornado Alley
Eyes wide shut - Gagging out loud | Nostrils narrow flared
Jefferson in Paris - Clinton in Little Rock | W in Waco
Odd Couple - Bill and Hillary
There's something about Mary - There's something about an Amorphophallus titanum

How about conjugating some irregular verbs?

fit fat fut
lick luck luck
ping pought pought
rake rook raken
snow snew snown
wing wang wung

OK, ok, how about some irregular plurals?

mouse mice
louse lice
house hice
spouse spice

Stop me if you think you have heard this one before:
Customer to mortician: Are your coffins guaranteed?
Mortician to customer: Sure, for a lifetime.