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Big Pharma (GSK) and me
by TheEtruscan at 21:43 May 15, 2014

Starting in July 2000, I was prescribed Coreg for my medical condition.

Coreg was an expensive drug but I had good health insurance. Nonetheless my excellent attending physician was so worried about the price that from time to time he would give me as many free samples as he had.

Around the year 2007, I started receiving brochures and medical literature from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Later on along with this nicely packaged material I also got discount coupons for a new version of Coreg - a controlled-release formulation that I could take only once a day instead of twice a day.

I ignored the coupon and the solicitation to ask my doctor for a prescription for such a drug because I was taking another medication twice a day anyway so the change did not make much sense to me. The requests to switch though became more insistent as time went on and I was reminded that I had not availed myself of the discount coupons.

Sometime after September, 2007 I went to my pharmacy to have a Coreg prescription filled.

I was greatly surprised when the pharmacist asked me if I wanted the generic version of Coreg now called Carvedilol instead of brand.

A bright light turned on in my head, now I finally understood the reason for all that attention I had been getting from big pharma GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Their patent for Coreg was going to expire and they wanted to hook me on their once-a-day controlled-release formulation for which they must have secured a new patent in order to charge an astronomical price for years to come.

What a let down! And here I had thought all along that they cared about my health when all they cared about was to milk my medical condition all the way to their bank.