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Ideas for the Cruise Industry
by TheEtruscan at 21:02 February 24, 2014

On my 2013 cruise of the Hawaiian islands on the Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America, I thought of some great features that would set a cruise line apart from the other cruise lines.

My ideas have nothing to do with on-board entertainment, attractions, restaurants or any themes.

Here are my suggestions/features:

On April 2, 2013 I sent my proposal to NCL Corporation's honchos and I got a sugary condescending reply.

Recently Royal Caribbean announced a virtual balcony for inside cabins to showcase real time images captured by cameras located at the forward and aft end of the ship.

My other suggestions are still up for grabs.

If any cruise line cares to implement any of my suggestions, I hope I can be remembered with a token gift, a free cruise for two perhaps?

I can be contacted via e-mail at: