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A new pyramid in Giza?
by TheEtruscan at 10:06 February 14, 2014

I was always intrigued by the mysteries and fascination of ancient Egypt.

Egypt has a long and very old culture that precedes Islam and I think now is the time to rekindle and build on this illustrious legacy.

Let me humbly explain how.

The idea is simple yet awesome: Build a pyramid twice as large as the one of Khufu in a suitable place in Giza.

Just think what this public works project would do for the economy of Egypt! Some time ago I even sent an email to the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Washington DC about this.

Funding would be made available by the contributions of people who would have their names or mementoes immortalized in the stone in many media formats and in relation to the size of their donation.

After the technical details have been worked out, housing and facilities for the proper level of staffing should be built near the construction site to accommodate the workers like in the olden days. Workers would be well cared for with doctors, nurses and reasonable schedules, food and perks.

Under the supervision of this well-trained and professional crew and with a permanent workforce in place, guest workers (tourists and other thrill seekers) would be allowed to be the alleged slaves of yore. They would pay and volunteer their work in exchange for the glory of having participated in this colossal enterprise and their names too be immortalized, engraved somewhere in the stones.

In this world of theme parks, this would be the ultimate experience and truly an epic and epoch-making enterprise. A new pyramid for all the centuries to come!

Now for the best part, this new pyramid would be built with the same techniques used by the ancient Egyptians almost 5,000 years ago.

There would be no point or value in building this new pyramid any other way. The only concession to our modern age would be the cutting and preparing of the stone blocks. Precious time would be saved besides for demonstration a few blocks have already been obtained using the ancient method anyway.

Here is where the subject gets a bit delicate and I do not want to make a fool of myself. I really do not know how to proceed but is everyone still fixated on ramps and dragging the heavy stone blocks on log rollers?

On my limited research on this subject (PBS: Nova and other series,, I have concluded that we are not much beyond what Herodotus thought about them 2,500 years ago and by then the pyramids were already more than 2,000 years old!

Tongue in cheek, I have an insight that can explain almost everything: the reason the pyramids were built (the why), how the heavy stone blocks were transported and the construction technique (the how), the location (the where), the particular time of the construction (the when) and the shape, pyramids instead of other geometrical figures.

I am no Erich von Daniken and his Chariots of the Gods. My explanations need no magic, aliens, supernatural, extra sophisticated knowledge nor any colossal ramps.

I am a computer programmer so logic is the only criterion used and my understanding of the tools available to the ancient Egyptians and their geopolitical situation.

My ideas are simple, coherent and beautiful and here they are:

Pyramids are such a powerful symbol that the wily Jews have adopted two opposing pyramids as their identity sign, the Star (magen) of David. On with it then!